Working together to establish a culture of good food for all

North Halifax Partnership has joined other local organisations and signed up to the Calderdale Food Charter, and its vision:

“To establish a culture where healthy, affordable, sustainable, local food
is accessible to all. To support and promote a vibrant and diverse
sustainable food economy. To celebrate great local food, amazing people
and inspirational actions that have positive outcomes for our community,
our environment and our lives.”

We have pledged as a business to strive to provide more local opportunities for growing fresh produce within our children’s centre sites and support our local communities to develop potential growing spaces.

We have also pledged to share our knowledge and continue to share messages through our teams, social media sites, newsletters and web pages on growing our own produce and healthy recipes.


  • Sign up to the Calderdale Food Charter
  • Buy more local seasonal produce
  • Reduce red meat and dairy consumption
  • Cook more from scratch
  • Waste less
  • Celebrate and share knowledge
  • Grow your own produce
  • Compost and recycle

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