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North Halifax Partnership is a community-led company.

Since 1998, we’ve been working for the social and economic regeneration of North Halifax in lots of different ways.

Our most important members are the residents of North Halifax.

And we’d like YOU to join them…

What we do…

  • The North Halifax Neighbourhood Awards celebrate our communities every year
  • Our N&E Blog, Friday Flyer, Twitter and Facebook pages promote community news and events, and most recently we’ve started the Calderdale Lower Valley Blog
  • Our 6 Sure Start Children’s Centres in North and East Halifax offer day care and early years support to over 2400 under 5’s and their families
  • We’ve recently taken over management of Sure Start Children’s Centres in Calderdale’s Lower Valley
  • Provide intensive support to more than 220 families each year.
  • Work with our Junior Wardens in local schools – getting young citizens  involved in their communities
  • Over the summer we run playing-out activities in different areas of North Halifax
  • We provide Neighbourhood Management for the Council across North Halifax but also into Northowram and Shelf and Warley wards.
  • Talk to local people face to face on the doorstep through neighbourhood walkabouts and Community Warden patrols.
  • We provide outreach staff in Mixenden and Beechwood Libraries.
  • Parent Forums, Ward Forums and many other meetings are another way for people to have their say
  • Run work clubs, advice and guidance and employment support via the North Halifax Work Support project
  • We also manage the Staying Well project across North and East Halifax, and in the Lower Valley and manage the central administration of the project.

Keep up to date with what’s going on….

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Did you know?  

Last year we counted 120,000 views of our North and East Blog;