How do I get involved?

We are wanting to engage with a wide audience to capture the latest views and what local people see as their priority. We are inviting you to encourage others you know to reflect on these questions and also share their views too.

Over recent years, North Halifax Partnership has seen a change in society and how communities have been impacted. We understand individuals, families and communities have had to change their ways of living to accommodate and adapt as best they can. Understandably, this brings many more challenges and barriers to living the life you wish to live and can impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Some of the key priorities we have found in North Halifax are Affordable Living, Mental Health, Social Connections, Accessible Services and Opportunities for Young People.

Therefore, we are excited to be relaunching our Reimagining Communities 2.0!

The purpose of this short survey is to capture the voices of everyone living in North Halifax, especially communities in Ovenden, Illingworth, Mixenden and Pellon three years on from the initial Reimagining Communities survey. Insight gathered will contribute to the existing insight we have and help us explore future opportunities to bring wider resource into these areas from the new UK Shared Prosperity Fund in Calderdale.

Find out more about the UKSPF agenda in Calderdale.

Join our conversation about what’s important to you and how you would like to see your local area developed. Upon completing this survey, you will be taken to our Listening Library! A collection of different conversations in different formats from across the communities in North Halifax. If you wish to share your views in another way outside of completing this survey, please contact us on 07966 272520.

Conversation Starters

1. What are your current priorities?

What do you put most of your energy towards?

2. Why do you like living where you do?

What connections do you have to your area?

3. What local change would you like to see happen in your area?

Is there anything missing from your local area?

4. How does your local area contribute to your health and wellbeing?

What makes you happy to live where you do?

Help to get the conversation going…

Good conversations should be free-flowing, person-led and as natural as possible.

We want to get people thinking and talking about how they were feeling at the time lockdown was announced and how they are feeling about things now.

Before answering any of the main questions you might to encourage people to think around the theme first.