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North Halifax Partnership is funded to deliver a number of local services in Calderdale. Our vision is ‘a better future for all generations’ and we strive to make sure all of our services are relevant to today’s needs and fit for all the communities we serve. 

We’re holding conversations with as many people in the community as possible to understand how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted locally, and we’re inviting you to have these conversations too with your own family, friends or neighbours and share them with us.

How do I get involved?

Find someone to talk to and upload your conversation to our Re-imagining Communities Listening Library.

A community library of experiences in a strange and unprecedented time.

Reimagining Communities

The Covid-19 crisis has had a huge impact on society. It’s hard to think of any other time in living history when everyone across the world has been affected by the same concern. We really have been ‘all in this together’ however it is also true that ‘my’ lockdown experience might have been very different from  ‘yours’. 

The ugly side of human selfishness was exposed now and again. Yet, the crisis has shone a bright light on the strength of our communities, as unprecedented numbers of people volunteered to help out, and applause rang out up and down the country in appreciation of our key workers.

We have seen companies putting aside their competitive focus and profit-making activities as they transform products and services to overcome shortages in equipment and facilities.

We have seen families spending more time together and a renewed discovery of the value of nature and the outdoors as people find they have more time on their hands. We have seen people walking, where once they would have used cars or buses. We have seen people growing their own vegetables, making their own bread and buying produce from local shops and farms.

Even as restrictions are relaxed and usual services resume it is likely that social distancing measures will be with us for some time. This is a crucial moment for all of us to revaluate what’s important and a chance to say how we want to live in the ‘new normal’. 

Conversation Starters

1. What things seem more important or less important to you now since the Covid-19 crisis?

2. Can you think of any things that have changed because of the Covid-19 crisis that need to continue into the future?

3. What things have stopped due to the Covid-19 crisis that need to be started again?

4. Has the Covid-19 crisis highlighted anything that’s missing to support you, your family or your community?

Help to get the conversation going…

Good conversations should be free-flowing, person-led and as natural as possible.

We want to get people thinking and talking about how they were feeling at the time lockdown was announced and how they are feeling about things now.

Before answering any of the main questions you might to encourage people to think around the theme first.  Below are some suggested prompts to introduce each of the 4 Reimagining Communities questions that you might find useful to help the conversation along.