Work Experience at our Children’s Centres

North Halifax Partnership recognise that students need a helping hand to complete their qualifications and have a commitment to providing placements to College and University students in Childcare and Administration. Students can play an important role in helping us to provide a quality service to families. They will be assigned a mentor and will be given support and coaching to gain hands on experience and put into practice what they have been taught in the classroom.

Work experience placements also provides the student with knowledge of a real work environment which could lead to full time employment. It gives students a chance to meet new people and grow a network of contacts as well as boosting confidence.

What we can offer you as a work experience student:

  • Valuable experience in your chosen area of work
  • Knowledge and understanding of a real work environment
  • Chance to meet new people and be part of a team
  • A mentor to support and guide you through your placement

What we ask from you as a work experience student:

  • A commitment to attend on the given release days
  • A willingness to learn and take on feedback
  • Contribute to equality, diversity and inclusion

What to do now

Our following Children’s Centres offer work experience placements and are responsible for allocating their own places, if you are interested in having a placement at one please contact the Children’s Centre direct:

  • Ash Green Children’s Centre, Mixenden, 01422 243941
  • Creations Community Children’s Centre, Pellon, 01422 434006
  • Elland Children’s Centre, Elland, 01422 266197
  • Innovations Children’s Centre, Ovenden, 01422 248222
  • Kevin Pearce Children’s Centre, Ovenden, 01422 252209
  • Wellholme Park Children’s Centre, Brighouse, 01484 714768

Work experience with Staying Well

We also have potential work experience through our Staying Well project. Staying Well is a community based social prescribing service working with adults 18+. A placement in the team could offer the opportunity to develop skills and experience that support a wide range of career and study goals related to supporting adults around health and wellbeing issues.

For more information contact Rachel Orton on 07852173685.