Reimagining Communities Listening Library

A community library of experiences in a strange and unprecedented time.

In 2020 and the during the third lockdown in January and February 2021 North Halifax Partnership held conversations with as many people in the community as possible to understand how the Covid-19 crisis has impacted people locally.

We wanted to encourage people to reflect on how the Covid crisis had affected them in positive ways as well as negative.

The Listening Library includes interviews, videos, artwork and poetry.

North Halifax Partnership is funded to deliver a number of local services in Calderdale and we have used the findings from the Reimagining Communities project to help us to make sure all of our services are relevant to today’s needs and fit for all the communities we serve. And we’ve also shared the findings with Calderdale Council and NHS Partners to make sure that local people’s views are taking into account in their own business planning.

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