CalderdaleCAN-logos-long-fullWhat we are

Community anchors are ‘Independent community-led organisations operating in a local area. We are firmly rooted in a sense of place, and committed to positive economic, social or environmental change.

Calderdale Council is the first Council to have adopted a community anchor policy, to state their commitment to working in partnership with us.

Our role

  • Playing a community leadership role, empowering and enabling local residents to get involved in their community to drive change
  • Being a local provider of services – services delivered by the community for the community
  • Maximising community assets (buildings and land) to bring long term resilience and sustainability – and with a particular emphasis on re-investing income in a local town or neighbourhood
  • Being multi-purpose –doing a range of different things – to support their community and working holistically with their community to come up with solution to local problems

Why a network?

The Calderdale Community Anchors network aims:

  1. To provide peer learning/sharing/benchmarking opportunities
  2. To test a model of community hub consortium for delivery of local public services
  3. To shape local public services and attitudes towards local economic development
  4. To attract inward investment into local communities
  5. To use our local influence, knowledge and assets to effect local positive social change