Meet our Neighbourhood Team

Rachel Orton – Community Programmes Manager
I look after our wider Neighbourhood Team and have responsibility for exploring the development of our services and projects but also exploring new things we can take on to help empower our communities. This looks different every day, and can involve supporting staff, engaging with partners on emerging problems or meeting with funders.

My favourite part of the job is watching things become real! I love watching something that has been an initial idea/conversation turn into action with real impact. Often there are a lot of bumps in the road (and frustrating days) along the journey but I enjoy seeing projects and ideas evolve. Similarly I enjoy watching staff develop, learn and gain confidence in their roles.

My biggest aim for the year ahead is to support NHPs role in the exciting UKSPF work within Calderdale. This has already started but I am eager to watch it develop, welcome a new member of staff as part of the work and see how we can effect real change across North Halifax communities.

Natalie Ratner – Ward Link Worker in North Halifax
I work with the community and local stakeholders to create new opportunities aiming to improve local communities through listening, events and other initiatives. I’m also a member of the Energy Saving Group which has enabled me to help develop the Climate Champions, where colleagues across
the organisation are developing greener initiatives for the
organisation and wider community, like improved recycling
in centres and establishing a reusable nappy bank.

My favourite part of the job is working with people but particularly empowering individuals to directly influence their community. Giving back to communities achieves the five ways to wellbeing, helps achieve a sense of inclusion and belonging and I believe is crucial to shifting power and decision making back to communities. I am passionate about environmental issues so particularly enjoy working with people to improve local green spaces.

My aim for next year is seeing what we can achieve via the Climate Champions initiative. I think this will have far reaching benefits for NHP and our local communities at a time when worry over climate change is increasing and to involve people in designing the solutions.

Dan Marham – Ward Link Worker in North Halifax
I am a Ward Link Worker. is quite a varied role ranging from employment support drop in sessions at our local libraries, supporting community groups with various projects and activities
such as community clean ups and working in primary schools on the Junior Wardens Programme.

My favourite part of the job is being able to give a little back to the communities that I grew up in by helping them develop and get new project ideas off the ground. My main aim for the year ahead is to continue to grow and develop the Fish 4 Health project. This project has been in the pipeline for a while now and has a strong focus on both the physical and mental health benefits of fishing.

Lee Ackroyd – Calderdale Council Community Warden
My role is centred around community based events, along with investigating and dealing with any complaints that the public report into the Councils customer first contact centre.
I write up and log my findings then the job can be escalated if need be. My role also allows me to be involved and support the Junior Wardens scheme run by the ward link workers. I also conduct speed checks for the community which are fed back to the police for further enforcement, along with SCG walkabouts and visual audits around various communities. My goal for the year ahead really is just to try make a positive impact in the community however small it might be.

Tony King – Ward coordinator for Halifax North & East
My role includes working with partners to tackle neighbourhood issues across the four wards in our locality such as fly tipping, dirty gardens, street litter, dog fouling. This has then involved organising litter picks, park and estate clean ups. I am involved in developing and supporting new and established community groups such as friends of parks groups, community associations, sports groups, neighbourhood watch groups. I also work on consulting with the community on various neighbourhood issues. I organise the Halifax Road safety group and I also coordinate the ward forum grants enabling groups, clubs and projects to apply for a small grant. I represent the neighbourhoods team and NHP at wider Calderdale council meetings such as the Calderdale Road Safety group, Community Assessment impact group, Tactical 3Es (Education, Engagement, Enforcement) Group, Partnership hub meetings and Environmental Blight meetings. Working with a wide range of partners such as the police, Together Housing, Calderdale MBC, West Yorkshire fire service and being part of a positive neighbourhood team has been vital in achieving successful outcomes in the community.

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