Meet the Green Giants of the NHP Climate Champions

The NHP Climate Champions have taken a lot of initiatives to improve our environmental impact. Here is some stupendous behind the scenes initiatives implemented by our amazing caretakers and site supervisors!

There has been a move to more eco-friendly products for the cleaning and
maintenance of our sites, starting from the nurseries and expanding to the offices.

No more Aerosols!

All aerosol sprays have been changed to liquid spray bottles to reduce the harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) air pollution which is caused by aerosol cans.

Bye bye blue roll, hello green paper towels!

We are currently swapping the blue roll to more eco-friendly paper towels, which unlike the blue roll are made from recycled paper and are recyclable after use.

These paper towels also have the advantage of less paper being used as they only come out one at a time, unlike the blue roll.

More refills, less packaging

We have opted for cleaning sachets that contain concentrated cleaning product in soluble form to be used with the cleaning bottles we already have.

These sachets can make a wide range of products, they all reduce waste by having less packaging and the packaging itself is fully recyclable while the sachets themselves are compostable and contain zero plastic.

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