Pellon Clean Up Event

On Wednesday 16th November, over 20 members of staff and volunteers carried out a clean-up of the Pellon estate in the Warley ward. There were three skips provided by the Together Housing group positioned on Rye Lane, Ryecroft Terrace and Ashville gardens which were soon filled. Together Housing also provided a cage van, as did Calderdale Council and Yorkshire Housing to remove excess waste.

Through litter picking, staff and volunteers managed to clear away approximately 80 bags of general litter from streets, grass verges and from around the schools and shops. They also managed to engage with 50+ residents on the day to remind them of the free skips and residents surely took advantage of this!

Many thanks to the staff from Together Housing, the North Halifax Partnership Neighbourhood Team, Calderdale Council, Yorkshire Housing, West Yorkshire Police and special thanks to the community volunteers who took part and helped made this a very successful event.

Residents were very thankful, here are a few of their comments:

“Thank you for today this has saved me a lot of money.”

“The area is looking very clean and tidy – hope we can keep it that way.”

“Those guys in the vans have been great – really helpful.”

“Rye Lane looks cleaner than I have ever seen it. Well done everyone!”

“Great to see so many people working hard for the benefit of our community.”

“Wowee, coming back through the Ashville area tonight it was definitely a different country – there was no litter all over the streets, no junk dumped around, it was a lovely area with clean roads, clear grass verges with a variety of lovely trees – will do our best to keep it that way and not let the litter louts ruin it.”

“Really appreciate the hard work you are doing.”

“If the skips were put there maybe every other month, I do think the majority of residents would keep areas clean and tidy. A lot don’t have transport therefore can’t just nip to the tip like us who drive.”

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